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Long ago a Human named Shifty fell into the Underground. They used mercy on the monsters in the Underground, until fighting King Sans. After successfully slaughtering him, Shifty left the Underground, causing a Neutral Run. In the Underground after the Neutral Run, Papyrus took the throne. Toriel over powered him, and took over. Becoming Queen, she made lots of ridiculous laws and caused everybody to go hungry. They all lost most sanity, and the Monsters have forgotten mercy, and await the last Human to fall down. Then they can escape the Underground.


Horror Asriel=Alive

Horror Chara=Alive

Horror Toriel=Queen of the Underground

Horror Asgore=Dead

Horror Undyne=Alive

Horror Alphys=Alive

Horror Mettacrit=Dead

Horror Muffet=Alive

Horror King Sans=Dead

Horror Papyrus=Trapped in the ruins

Horror Napstablook=Dead (Alive as Boogie the Flower.)



Credit to RDPen20 on deviantart for the image

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