Hopeless undyne is in an AU where Nightmare!Sans Attacked but she hide in the forest in snowdin instead of fighting back and nightmare sans killed everyone.


she is very depressed she likes Papyrus/Envytale and Alphys/ArtTale and without them she would kill herself . she thinks that Alphys and papyrus both disappeared and she thinks she found them she is vary depressed lost almost all her hope and has given up.


Nightmare!Sans attacked her AU but she hide in the snowdin forest utile he left and she thought everyone was dear and she was stranded in what was left of the codes she nearly died there until Ink!Sans came and saved her and that's where she saw everyone in Ink!Sans family and Ink!Sans decided to show her to envy Papyrus since she missed him so much she thought he was well still him but she did not tell him she left a couple weeks later but she asked for envy Papyruses phone number so she could call him over when ever she wants and she accidently found Art tale Alphys ( yes she learned how to go through portals with an ink brush) and the same thing happened to Alphys as it did with envy papyrus and got his or her phone number and she went back in her codes and rebuilt snowdin to hide in .


she has brown shoes meatal armor pants with black silk pants underneath kneecaps a dark gray armless shirt with black stripes lighter blue skin then undyne's dark yellow eyes an eyepatch and gray hair that gose down the back of her neck


  • Portals : she know how to travel through portals with sans ink brush but she is self taught because she stole it ( she dose not know how to use any of the other portals).
  • Rebuild : she know how to if there are any broken codes or world she knows how to put them back together but she dose not use it for anything else.
  • Broken spears : she has broken spears that are broke in half and she throws the sharp parts ( she almost never fights back)


  • she almost never fights.
  • she only has one self defense attack.
  • she slow.
  • she has given up.
  • only cares about two people .


  1. so
  2. you must be here to kill me?
  3. ok
  4. just tell envy papyrus and art Alphys I love them
  5. Wait
  6. you did what
  7. my friends
  8. ( hit)
  9. I guess that's it

Hopeful undyne

hopeful undyne only occurs when you kill the two people she cares about .


  • Demolish : dose up to 100000 damage in a thin straight line from her face .
  • Determination : dose a blast of determination that is strong enough to brake 2ft trees and protects her ageist any none determination attacks.
  • Spears : 999 attack
  • can bend steel easily.
  • super speed : up to 70 miles an hour.


  • she can do brash thing's sometimes.
  • kill's anyone in her way .
  • only turns into this form if both the people she care's about are dead.
  • has no feeling's for others.
  • sensitive to fire.
  • used to the cold but not warm or hot.


she has black armor with red hair. And red and green soul toughing on her chest. a white laser coming out of her left eye. Greed souls on both backs of her hands and spiky shoulder pad's. Darkish blue skin with black eyes with white lines for pupils .


  1. no my body feels like it could rip any moment
  2. but at the same time
  3. there's a burning feeling in my heart
  4. that wont let me lose
  5. human
  6. if you pass me
  7. you'll corrupt the multiverse
  8. but
  9. I have given up on a lot of things
  10. but this world
  11. it's one I wont
  12. if you want to kill the rest of this world
  13. well
  14. you'll have to pass me
  15. you think that you can just pass me
  16. heh
  17. NO
  1. how could you
  2. you
  3. cant
  4. beat
  5. me
  6. i
  7. im



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