Let's PARTY!

— Honera

Honera is the human that fell down right before Ian in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. She's the dark blue soul, or the soul of integrity. She is thirteen and was adopted by Pyrope and lives in hotland. She goes to Tri-City School and her best Friend is Rose. She is also good friends with Mayton and she kind of considers Frisk a friend as well.


Honera has dark blue eyes and dirty blond hair that goes to just below her sholders. She wears a pink shirt with three slanted, with alternating directions, light purple stripes and a hot pink and dark purple skirt with light purple leggings underneath. She wears non-descript sandals for her shoes.


Honera is loud and isn't afraid to let people know what she thinks; and doesn't care what others' opinions of her are. Honera is kind of bossy, but she is very honest and will always do what she says and says what she means, but she can still keep promises. She enjoys being loud and crazy.

She is bold when she is in combat, as she enjoys martial arts, and graceful when dancing. Honera is fast and precise, she is also a perfectionist in extreme ways, and keeps everything around her very clean. Her favorite type of dance is ballet, and she fell down wearing her pink ballet outfit.

She is popular on the Undernet for her music creation. She has written many songs and recreated songs from the surface so she would have lots of music to dance to. Her name on the Undernet is RainbowDancer76, but she keeps her true identity a secret from her fans, only telling her friends that she's RainbowDancer76. In real life at school she has lots of friends, but only two really good friends.






  • 'Honera' is a Latin-American name meaning 'integrity'.
  • She was based off of a classmate of Cinder.
    • 'Nastasse' is an alternate spelling of the classmate's last name.

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