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This AU is where the humans lost, since they get tired during the war, the Monsters finally won, and seal the humans underground with a spell and all of the monsters helping asgore doing the spell. ( Since the spell drains Asgore's energy ( All of them. ) )

The AU


The AU is self centered to the humans, since the humans was trapped underground, everyone was insane at the start, until they found out how to provide food to the underground. Everything is more different the original undertale, since the humans live in the underground. The seven souls are the main characters. ( Excluding Frisk and Chara, since they are monsters. )

Toriel as Kindness, Sans as Patience, Papyrus as Bravery, Undyne as Justice, Alphys as Perseverance, Asgore as Determination, and Asriel as integrity. ( Integrity lost their trait after they turned into Flowey. )


Frisk and Chara are monsters. They are both goats.

In this AU, since the seven souls are main characters, here are their info.

While the seven souls are main characters, their trait can lose everytime they make a wrong move, their soul darken when they do. It would slowly turn black. Their trait can be back when they make a good move, but when its completely black, their traits would transfer to another person that fits their traits, but in this story, it wont happen. ( Not counting Genocide Patience fight. ) When their soul started to darken, their powers started to fade.

Kindness - Kindness and Determination are Married, they are both straight, since Determination is male, while kindness is Female.

Kindness takes a role of Toriel, she is very kind, and she always hesitate to fight. She fight Frisk for the sake of Determination killing Frisk, Kindness have complete control over her magic, she will stop fighting when Frisk's hp was below 5. Kindness' real name is "Alexia".

Bravery - Bravery is a big brother of Patience. ( NOTE: BRAVERY IS ALREADY IN THE ROYAL GUARD. )

Bravery takes a role of Papyrus, he is much bravier, he didn't make the puzzles since he isn't very creative, but he have Annie's help, so he would make puzzles to capture the monster. He didn't give out solutions, but give out many hints. When the monster get hurt, he would heal them when they finish the puzzle. The puzzles are short, and quick. But it gets longer the more that Frisk progress. Bravery's name is "Andrew"

Patience - Patience is a little sister of Bravery.

Patience takes a role of Sans, she is a lazy sister of Bravery. But she accept things, and always get in trouble, but she didn't do a strong reaction ( Angry, Sad ) instead, she have a reaction of someone who don't care. When Frisk killed Bravery, she almost lost her trait. ( Judging, Being pissed. ) she spare many times at the halfway, until she realized Frisk wont accept mercy, so she keeps on fighting until her soul turned black. Losing her powers. Since everyone is gone, her traits wont be transferred. Her name is "Shannon".

Integrity - Integrity is a child of Kindness and Determination.

Integrity takes a role of Asriel/Flowey. She is a girl in her human form, and a "It" ( They, Them. ) on her flowey form. She lost her soul/trait on her flower form. When she turned to herself in a final battle true pacifist, her soul is normal. Her name is "Claire"

Determination - Determination is a king.

He is a king since he have the rarest, and strongest power. He takes a role of Asgore, he is depressed, and stressful because of Kindness and Integrity, He is always alone, and takes a long time to be done thinking about Kindness. His name is "Alex"

Justice - Justice is the head of the royal guard. ( HAS A CRUSH ON PERSEVERANCE )

Justice takes a role of Undyne, instead of spears, he use weapons. ( How are they made on the underground? They are not made, he saves them. ) having a trait of Justice, he have infinite bullets on a single gun. He doesn't have a armor, but he wears cowboy clothes, he called it a "Uniform". Justice is very loyal to Determination, as he is the king, and he is the royal guard. His name is "Oliver"

Perseverance - Perseverance is the royal scientist. ( HAS A CRUSH ON BRAVERY )

Perseverance takes a role of Alphys, they are completely the opposite of Alphys, she is not depressed, she made successful projects, but things that are unchanged is about her being shy, and having a crush on a Undyne. She made successful projects because of her intelligence and her traits. Thinking everything is possible. Her name is "Annie"

Frisk and Chara - Frisk and Chara are monsters, they are both goats.

They have a monster soul. Chara fell to the underground at first, and gives hope to the humans, until they want to save the humans. So they sacrifice themselves and make Integrity absorb their soul. Their last wish is to have their body on a bed full of golden flowers. But they both died. Frisk is the final fallen monster.

The monsters have a same soul, but they would glow at different colors. And which color represents their talent, and trait. ( You already know what color, and what talent or trait. )


The locations changed, and their names changed. As snowdin was changed to: " Snowy Town "

Ruins - The ruins is much clean, since the humans try to survive, they plant there. Sometimes the humans outside the ruins try to visit the ruins for kindness, for the plants, or for the garbage. The name is still the same due to plants. Or pillars.

Snowdin - Snowdin was changed to "Snowy town", since its snowing there, and there is several wooden houses, But their settings in undertale would be the same. For all shops in snowy town, they would be normal in pacifist, but neutral and genocide, they would start as a fight. When Frisk spares them, they would be normal. For Snowy Town inn. ( The hotel. ) the hotel wont be open in both neutral and genocide until Frisk spares one thing. They would be open instantly.

Waterfall - The Waterfall name was still the same. Everything was still the same, but there is many shops, and houses. And it has many population due to how beautiful is waterfall, its a perfect place to play, so that's why there is games. ( Mini golf, for example. )

Hotland TBA

The Core TBA

Determination's Castle TBAhw

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