This AU was made by me 7-9 months ago and i found the old sketches i drew or the locations and characters Today.
History recast yet another swap AU witch will probably die very quickly



Dusty Ruins

its the normal ruins but a lot quieter and pretty grey and nearly falling apart since how long the place has been abandoned

The blizzard

The blizzard is an entirely frozen mechanical complex that is largely blue and cyan.

Mushroom lands

The Mushroom lands is a place consisting of Mushrooms , where Glowing Mushrooms grow, and dangerous enemies lark.


is a huge magma chamber and is very deadly for a human to cross and has a exploration lab to see for changes

Exploration Lab

Its the home of the lazy scientist and he has looks of the Magma chamber too see if it can create a blaster to destroy the barrier.

WIP i didn't finish all of the locations


Asgore (the empty one)

Butter is a living flower. He's your good friend, His main philosophy is "Drink Tea or BE MELTED."

Chara (the fallen caretaker)

Chara was the 7th Human to fall and the monsters from the ruins helped Chara then She caused a mass genocide killing everyone in the ruins waiting for you in her house.

Gaster (the smart judge)

Gaster but likes to be called dings,wings,W.D or G. he created the blizzard and brought the future to snowdin Town, then became tired after building his machine.

River Person (the ambitious)

they still wear their cloak but dream becoming a royal mage and cooks dog

Papyrus (the Captain of the royal guard)

he isn't very cheery but doesn't get the payer in Mushroom lands but (judgement hall)

Napstablook (the general)

he is a bit shy but is the trainer for River Person and will try to capture you.

Sans (royal scientist)

hes lazy loves puns, pranks and ketchup and finds a way out with a erupting volcano and has a built a robot while hes on break

Mettaton (the assassiant)

she was a ghost wanting to be a pop star but was given a job to be an assistant to sans while hes on break

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