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Hexaswap is an Undertale AU where characters are switched around in groups of 6.



  • Certain rules are used for character swapping:
    • No character is allowed to stay in their pairing (so, for example, Sans is not allowed to take the role of Papyrus).
    • No pair is allowed to remain (so, for example, if Asgore takes the role of Sans, Toriel is not allowed to take the role of Papyrus).
    • Swaps must form a 6-cycle, meaning that the swap process has to be repeated 6 times before a character gets their original role again.
  • Certain swap groups include:
    • The 6 Lost SOUL characters (Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Asgore)
    • Napstablook. Mettaton, Shyren, Lemon Bread, Dummy, Mad Dummy
    • Flowey, Monster Kid, Temmie, So Sorry, Gaster, River Person
    • Bratty, Catty, Burgerpants, Nice Cream Guy, Gerson, Snowdin Shopkeeper
    • Muffet, Grillby, Onionsan, Small Bird, RG01, RG02
    • Canine Unit and the Annoying Dog
  • Frisk and Chara are unchanged.
  • Asriel has been changed to be the son of Alphys and Papyrus. His name is Mewmew (because as an obsessed anime fan, Alphys had to name her child after an anime character) and he is a skeleton/lizard hybrid.
  • Regular monsters and minor NPCs switch locations based on the way location themes are swapped.


  • Similarly to Underswap and Quarterspin, location themes (but not the actual locations) are swapped. However, unlike the other two AUs, in this AU, the themes aren't necessarily based on seasons.
  • The location themes are swapped based on the Lost SOUL monster associated with them (Ruins: Toriel, Snowdin: Papyrus, Waterfall: Undyne, Hotland: Alphys, CORE: Sans, New Home: Asgore).
  • Following these changes, the locations have been changed into the following:
    • The Ruins is now called the Great Snow Realm (originally known as Snow Realm but Papyrus added "the Great" to it), an unnaturally cold place.
    • Snowdin is now called Waterrin, a location with lots of rivers and caves and the perfect home for a fish.
    • Waterfall is now called Techfall, a technological place.
    • Hotland is now called Leafland, a place with surprisingly many red leaves everywhere.
    • CORE is now called GENERATOR, which, despite being a generator, has mostly old buildings and golden flowers in it.
    • New Home is now called Lava Realm, an unnaturally hot place.

SOUL modes

  • The 6 SOULs (all execpt red) are switched around based on the color wheel. (Orange replaces purple, purple replaces blue and so on.)
  • The SOUL modes used in battles are switched.
    • The light blue SOUL (replacing the green SOUL) moves slower than the red SOUL and also makes fleeing impossible.
    • The green SOUL replaces the yellow SOUL.
    • The orange SOUL (replacing the purple SOUL) moves faster than the red SOUL and takes a second before it stops when you try to stop it.
    • The purple SOUL replaces the dark blue SOUL.
  • The attacks associated with the SOUL colors are also switched.
    • Light blue attacks appear in the places where green attacks appear in Undertale.
    • Yellow attacks (replacing orange attacks) are attacks that do damage based on the protagonist's LOVE.
    • KARMA has been replaced with MOVEMENT, meaning that not moving always causes damage, even if there are no attacks.
    • Dark blue attacks (replacing light blue attacks) are gravity-based attacks that damage normally but also pull the SOUL towards them, making the controls harder.
  • The items associated with each SOUL are the same but their locations are changed based on how the SOULs are changed.


  • Frisk is a determined child and the 8th human to fall.
  • The River Person is a mysterious cloacked figure who is the main antagonist in the neutral route. They are actually Mewmew reawakened by a determination experiment by Toriel.
  • Papyrus is the caretaker of the Great Snow Realm. He is caring and gives the protagonist spaghetti.
  • Mettaton is what appears to be a puzzle generator owned by Papyrus. It is later revealed to be a machine possessed by a ghost that is Shyren's friend and Napstablook's cousin.
  • Lemon Bread is a fish-like monster that the protagonist meets in the Great Snow Realm.
  • Asgore is a laid-back boss monster and the roommate and father figure of Undyne. He fights you at the end of the genocide route.
  • Undyne is an enthusiastic fish monster who wants to join the Royal Guard.
  • The Canine Unit is a group of dogs that are part of the Royal Guard.
    • Lesser Dog is the first dog Frisk encounters. Its neck grows longer when it likes something, which is a side effect of the constant gravity attacks it uses.
    • The Annoying and Greater Dog are two playful dogs that fight Frisk together. Unlike Dogamy and Dogaressa from Undertale, they are not married, but simply friends. They placed second in a lookalike contest.
    • Dogamy is lonely dog. He can be spared by cheering him up and every time he is cheered up, he gets happier.
    • Doggo is another dog. He loves dog treats.
  • Gerson is a turle who sells rare items in different locations in the Underground.
  • Dogaressa is a dog that appears in various locations.
  • Burgerpants is a monster selling burgers in Waterrin Town.
  • Onionsan owns a seafood restaurant in Waterrin Town. Asgore and the Canine Unit eat there a lot.
  • So Sorry is a monster who follows Frisk in Techfall. He is a member of an art club and also a fan of Sans (Undyne at the end of a true pacifist route).
  • Monster Kid is a monster who takes Frisk to different locations in the Underground.
  • Napstablook is a ghost encountered in Techfall. They are shown to be sad most of the time.
  • Shyren is a monster encountered in the "freezer". She loves music. She is angry because her friend Mettaton left her. She is Lemon Bread's sister.
  • 01 (no name revealed) is a rabbit like monster who carries Frisk over a gap.
  • Muffet is a spider monster who follows Frisk in a certain location in Techfall that is decorated with spider webs.
  • Bratty is a shopkeeper in Techfall who sells thrown away items that most consider trash but she considers rare.
  • Gasters are a species of skeleton-like creatures that live in Gaster Village. Most of the time, they speak in Wingdings (followed with a "translation").
    • Suzy, unlike the other Gasters, speaks in Aster. She appears to be the only female Gaster.
    • The Gaster Shopkeeper is a Gaster running a shop. He wants to study science. If the protagonist pays his science studies, he comes back as a professional scientist and sells a Gaster Blaster, a powerful weapon.
  • Sans is the head of the Royal Guard. Like in some other Switch Up AUs with the same change, he becomes Sans the Sansational in a Genocide Route.
  • Toriel is the current Royal Scientist. She created Mad Dummy (though it is actually a robotic dummy body for a ghost) and has a crush on Sans.
  • Mad Dummy is a dummy-like robot possessed by a ghost and the most famous star in the Underground. He appears to be angry most of the time. He can transform into Mad Dummy EX or Mad Dummy NEO.
  • Grillby and the Small Bird are two members of the Royal Guard who work as a pair. Unlike RG01 and RG02 from Undertale, they are not in love.
  • 02 is a dragon who runs a dragon bake sale in the Great Snow Realm and Leafland.
  • Temmie is a secret enemy that can only be encountered at a specific time in a college in Leafland.
  • The Nice Cream Shopkeepers are two bunnies selling nice cream, a product they found from the freezer in Techfall and modified a little.
  • Catty is the shopkeeper in MDM resort. She is known for selling "trash" food, which, surprisingly, is considered popular in the Underground.
  • Alphys is the queen of the Underground and a boss in the neutral route.
  • Mewmew is the child of Alphys and Papyrus. He was named after Alphys' favorite anime character. He is the final boss in a true pacifist route.
  • Chara was Alphys and Papyrus' adoptive child and Mewmew's best friend as well as the first fallen human. They appear at the end of the genocide route.
  • Dummy is one of the Amalgamates. It appears to be a fusion of a training dummy and several other monsters. It was Mad Dummy's cousin.
  • Flowey is a mysterious flower and the former Royal Scientist. He has 3 followers who respect him for being more "evil" than Toriel. He also built the GENERATOR.

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