Herobrine is the brother of Notch a major character in Minertale He first appears in snowdin



He looks like Herobrine but He wears an unzipped blue hoodie, a white t-shirt/sweater he wears, black pants with white stripes and sneakers/slippers.


Herobrine has a liking for puns and knock knock jokes, on the Genocide Run becomes serious, threatening and fighting the player.

Powers And Abilites

He has one health, attack and defense but he is easily the most difficult boss in the game.

He has powerful teleknises, control over diamond swords that can drain a person,s HP depending on how many EXP they earned. Herobrine can summon Gaster Blaster,s

Herobrine is the only monster in the game who can dodge of his own he dodges regardless of the power you strike.


Herobrine attacks players that cut down trees, kill innocent animals, burn down villagers homes and steal from villages. Sans attacks players that play the genocide route so I decided to make an AU where Herobrine was Sans.


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