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A list of the healing item exchanges made in the UTAUWikiTale by location.

The healing items in this AU are not food items, they are meant to be art related (inspiring creativity to recover your Incentive to Create) please bare that in mind when suggesting them. This can include music, stories, character bios, drawings, paintings, sprite work etc.

Ruins/Lesser pages

Undertale version UTAUWiki Version
Monster Candy Monster Doodle
Spider Donut NYF
Spider Cider NYF
ButtsPie NYF

Snowdin/Average Pages part1

Undertale version UTAUWiki Version
Snowman Piece NYF
Nice Cream NYF
Cinnabunny NYF
Bisicle NYF
Unisicle NYF

Waterfall/Average Pages part2

Undertale version UTAUWiki Version
Astronaut Food NYF
Crab Apple NYF
Sea Tea NYF
Abandoned Quiche NYF
Temmie Flakes NYF
Dog Salad NYF

Hotland/Greater Pages

Undertale version UTAUWiki Version
Instant Noodles NYF
Hot Dog...? NYF
Hot Cat NYF
Junk Food NYF
Hush Puppy NYF
Starfait NYF
Glamburger NYC
The Legendary Hero NYC
Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's face Glorious sheet of Sans Sprites

True Pacifist Only

Undertale version UTAUWiki Version
Popato Chisps NYF
Bad Memory NYF
Last Dream NYF

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