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* But nobody came.

* This article may contain any information that is from a cancelled AU. It may also contain non-canon information. As such, some info may not be released yet or will never be.

The owner received a permanent ban. Their AU will remain here for those who wish to read it.
She become really hungry and she eat a little of his face and kill monsters for eat them. When the human come,she decided to be gentle with him. And kill him and transform him in a pie and eat him.


She have tall corns. And she have a white bloody mask. But she still have her dress but is tore apart and bloody.


Same battle than Undertale but with differents attacks,like :

- Chainsaw : When Toriel use her chainsaw. When is red,dodge ! And when is blue,don't move !


Chainsaw Fires : His standard attack but the fires are Chainsaws Fires.


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