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The owner received a permanent ban. Their AU will remain here for those who wish to read it.

He's the most respected monster in Snowdin. When someone disrespects him, they die. When the King Asgore wanted a subject him and his brother Papyrus go take an aleatory monster (The Tortured Subjects). He really doesn't care if Papyrus dies and is the most powerful and violent of the Underground. But, he still continues to make puns. Papyrus actually likes the puns. He also likes to smoke.


He's have a scar on one eye and a teeth sharp like spikes. He have a black jacket with a red t-shirt. And black gloves with spikes. A black trousers and black shoes with spikes.


That's like the standard fight with Sans just the Choice moment is not here.


- Teleportation.

- Red Phantoms Bones : This attack,can go everywhere like his original attack. But this is more powerful!

- Phantom Blaster : This a different Gaster Blaster,the blasters become red and the form of the Blaster is a red phantom.


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