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The owner received a permanent ban. Their AU will remain here for those who wish to read it.

He's become more serious and brutal. He the knight of the Brutal Guard and he the guardian of Snowdin ( With his brother ). He burned down the bunny shop and capture monsters for the King Asgore. After, the human come the King Asgore wanted that Papyrus kidnap the human. For kill him,and,take his soul and travel the barrier ( Go see Asgore for more informations ). He like torture monsters for pleasure ( Sans is too lazy to do this ) and he's more horrible than Sans. But strangely, Papyrus like Sans puns.


He have two scars in this two eyes. With teeth's sharp like spikes. He have a black armor with a black tore apart cape.


Standard battle with Papyrus but with new battle mechanics :

Machetes : When he use his machetes. When the machetes become red,you dodge. When is blue,you don't move.

Deadly Puzzles : You have to finish 4 puzzles or you will lose HP if you fail.

1.You have to go in the correct direction. But if you go in the bad,that's will explode.

2.There have a lot of bear trap in this puzzles. You have to dodge them and don't be destroyed by the saw's. And find the secret code in the bloody paper.

3.( be finish later )

4.( be finish later )


- Phantoms Bones : This attack is more powerful than before.

- Dark Blue Soul : This is the same just the soul become dark blue.

- Papyrus Blaster : This is the same than Sans,red phantom blaster but it's more weaker.


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