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The owner received a permanent ban. Their AU will remain here for those who wish to read it.
In the AU Hatredtale there's have 4 endings and 2 secret endings. That's make 6 endings but just one is true.


Here the 4 endings,of Hatredtale.

PACIFIST Soul Ending :

You have to escape of the monsters and help the others. Save the "dolls" and let the souls go. But this is not the true ending.( Link : PACIFIST Soul Ending )


Is easy to have this ending,kill every monsters you see and the "dolls". And don't let the souls go and destroy them. After this ending,the humanity is erased.( Link : DESTRUCTION Soul Ending )

Normal Ending :

You have to kill and escape the monsters and help and not help the Amalgams and the Tortured Subjects. And save or kill the "dolls" and let the souls go.( Link : Normal Ending )

True Ending :

In the True Ending,you have to kill the evil monsters (Sans,Papyrus,Toriel,Muffet...) and help and save the Amalgams and the Tortured Subjects. And save the "dolls" and let the souls go.( Link : True Ending )

Secret Endings

In Hatredtale,there have 2 secret endings.

Dead Ending :

If Sister catch every soul of all the humans,she will be the possibility to become immortal and erase every AUs and powerful things existing. And the earth is destroy.( Link : Dead Ending )

Give Up Ending ( Suicide Ending ) :

If you become best friend with Monster Kid in helping him. I will join you. But if you go see where Monster Kid go. You will be punched by Sans and you will be awake in the HELLCORE. And you have 1 HP,0 GOLD,no items and your soul is broken. You will give up and let you fall in the HELLCORE.( Link : Give Up Ending )

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