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Harsh Realities is an Undertale Role-Swap AU comic inspired by Underfell and Underswap by MrEpicIsHere777.


Harsh Realities is an AU inspired by fusing Underswap and Underfell. The main idea of this AU is how harsh the underground could actually get in terms of food supply, air and water quality, economics, etc. etc. It isn’t not meant to be edgy, and monsters are not violent to each other. Crime happens, but monsters don’t kill for fun or hurt each other for fun either. It isn’t a world about who’s the strongest, it’s a world about trying to survive in harsher conditions.[1]

Character Changes

  • The protagonist role is taken by Chara, who came down to the Underground for an unknown reason, they can't talk.
  • The empty one role is taken by Temmie, who appears very excitable.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Asgore.
  • The Monarch Role is taken by Toriel.
  • The fallen role is taken by Frisk, they appear as a ghost to Chara, the only one capable of perceiving them as Frisk is attached to Chara's SOUL.


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