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This AU has no further presence online than this page.
HarryTale is an AU created by... Someone.

About the AU

You are a Hogwarts student and you want to make friends with Harry Potter but you have to fight Ron and Hermione.

There are three routes. Neutral Route, (kill some but spare others) that will make it so you just get kicked out of Hogwarts for murder. "Good Wizard" Route, (spare all) this will make it so you get to be friends with Harry and stop Voldemort with him. And the "Evil Wizard" Route (kill all) is where you fight Harry Potter then kill Snape then Voldemort kills YOU!

Notable Changes

Character Changes

Sans is harry potter

papyrus is ron

undying is heromine

frisk is a student at hogwarts

flowey is draco

toriel is ginny

asgore is snape

Mettaton is George

Napstablook is fred

chara is Voldemort

The monsters are students

the stronger monsters are death eaters

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