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Lapiscat is the genocide boss at the end of the Hardtale (Game). He is one of the 3 pieces of the creator of the Hardtale universe. His piece represents hope. He is the sworn protector of Hardtale in addition to being the creator. In-game his SOUL is half monster and half human (Grey before fight and cyan during fight). He can also remember after a true reset.


After creating Hardtale he decided to live through the events of what would happen during regular Undertale. After many years, 2 of his childhood human friends were killed by a 4th dimensional being. He ended up making the 4th dimensional being retreat after a long battle but he was weakened. Humanity thought he caused the destruction and death and they tried killing him. He lost hope in humanity (causing his soul to be half grey) and since he was weakened and having no hope he could not delete the timeline or even reset, as his hope also gave him a huge dosage of determination. He decided to retreate to the to underground where he met Gaster doing some experiments in the Ruins. Gaster gladly adopted him and the two help each other with experiments but one test would be his last. Gaster thought that only half a human soul could be used to cross the barrier if the determination was controlled properly. Sadly, this did not work as Lapiscat was stuck in the barrier but Flowey would sometimes come visit him and he would also talk to Sans and Asgore if they came towards the barrier.




Lapiscat has a light blue eyes and navy blue skin. He wears a hoodie identical to the one in Undertale and wears some midnight blue jeans. He welds a sword with the colours of every soul in his hand.


In his human for he appears with a set of wings, white skin and brown (or blue if he is feeling a strong emotion) hair. He has similar eyes to his "Monster" form. He is usually seen wearing the same clothes in his monster for but also may wear a navy blue army jacket.


His personality can usually be very cheerful, happy and jokey but he can be a very serious character or very depressed depending on his mood. Usually if he is depressed he will mutter to the point the sound will be distorted. He can also be very aggressive if there is a meaning towards it. He is also known to be very shy and calm visually and can often be said that he was a amazing source of help before he was trapped in the barrier.

In Battle

Before Fight

Before his phases he will ask the player if they had fun killing everyone and then says "Oh i forgot you can't speak unless the game gives you a choice" he then will launch his "weakest attack". It is a harder version of Sans's first attack by a long run.

Phase 1

He can actually put up a great fight and requires a lot to beat him. You must be very careful during this fight since you are only presented

His very basic attacks are similar to Sans's just the bones are reskined and deal more damage.

He uses his sword similar to the Chaos Saber Asiel uses.

He also spins his blade clockwise and anti-clockwise which can only be dodge by going through blue or orange holes.

He will mimic other characters by morphing into them and using there attack. The player must kill the morphed versions of the original boss monsters.

When Lapiscat get low on health he with combined soul modes to cause deadly combination (e.g. Yellow and Green)

Phase 2

Lapiscat will force the game into fullscreen then start reminding the player that they are in control of an actual being and the player will be eradicated if he brings back Frisk. At this point a second health bar appears which if it reaches full the player will be killed. You can empty this bar by being attack but it fill when healing items get dropped in.

He will now start to warp the bullet board causing it to split. The player still may move around the board but will be teleported relative where enter and exit the split. He attacks will be faster and stronger as welll.

Phase 3

After that Lapiscat absorbs the human souls, the dust of all monsters and the artifact (or the dog the has absorbed it). He also absorbs the determination from Undyne and Sans. After that he becomes The Great Undying Omegacat NEO God of Final Death and will have Seraphim Sans's theme play (Karma). At this point it become a full on bullet hell with no healing or anything. The fight will be similar to Omega Flowey's fight.

After reaching 1HP Lapiscat will exclaim of your brilliance of surviving and then be filled with Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance, Justice, Determination and finally Hope which then he will attack you doing 98 damage no matter what defence you have. After which he will be killed.



  • Sans - Sans is a close friend to Lapis
  • Flowey - Another close friend, Lapiscat also refers to him as Asriel
  • Undyne - Lapiscat had been Undyne's boyfriend before Alyphys become the royal scientist
  • Asgore - Lapiscat's friend
  • Frisk - Lapiscat keeps a close eye on Frisk using his special vision to learn what they have been up to
  • Gaster - Is Lapiscat's step-father

Not in AU

  • S.T - Lapiscat has seen him as a threat to his AU
  • Ink!Sans - Ink! has been able to help Lapis keep Error! away from Hardtale even though Lapiscat is a lot more powerful than him.
  • CORE!Frisk - Lapiscat and CORE!Frisk made a deal the evacuate everyone to Omega!Tale if a genocide route started.


  • The name "The Great Undying Omegacat NEO God of Final Death" is a reference to Papyrus, Undyne, Omega Flowey, Mettaton and Asriel in that order
  • If you die at any point during the fight you will be taken to the judgement hall and after killing Disbelief Papyrus the SAVE point is gone meaning you have to kill him, Flowey and Asgore again
  • If you try to spare Lapiscat in the first phase the attacks get harder and won't decrease in difficulty

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