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An unofficial version of Hardtale is currently in the works. - H. Hardtale is an Animated Series by CedDrawsNear, it's about the Undertale characters being Hard-mode versions of themselves. This AU is not canon, however, it may be inspired after the "Hard Mode" in the game, available by inputting the fallen human's name as Frisk, that is seemingly a joke. The title of the animated fight would be any song of the character your fighting with. [Sans - Megalovania]

If you are interested in this AU and would like to start watching the animated series from the beginning, click this video.


  • Papyrus knows what a human looks like, unlike any other version of Papyrus
  • The way to spare is to keep fighting, until you yourself are spared, or keep on fighting like in Underfell.
  • Papyrus is the part of the royal guard.
  • Every monster's design is almost the same to Underfell and Horrortale.
  • Sans' eye glows Red, instead of blue, while papyrus's eye can now glow orange, a head canon accepted by the fan base. [Determination and Bravery respectively]
  • Undyne's eye is now able to glow the color green. While she has seemingly already been able to do this in her final form, The Heroine, we are unable to determine the canon color due to the black and white nature of the battle phase.
  • Alphys was ordered to kill Frisk, and agreed to it. This is the reason for Mettaton's creation.
  • Sans, instead of characterizing papyrus as a 'Human-Hunting Fanatic', he instead says 'Human-KILLING Fanatic.'
  • The Skeleton brothers also have cracks on their skulls. Papyrus' crack is on the left while Sans' is on the Right. This might represent where their eye's glow emanates from.



  • This AU might be inspired by the "Hard Mode" in Undertale, available in inputting the fallen human's name as "Frisk". This however, only lasts until finishing the ruins, as it is a joke that was never fully implemented.
  • In this AU, a new area exists called The Prison. Here, the Guards are different from the average dog Regimen, and are enlisted with monsters not before seen by us in game, and therefor are fan characters.

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