HardModeTale is an AU where everything is the same, except the mode is hard mode completed.


Living Dummy (Dummy)

Froggitius (Froggit)

Whismate (Whimsun)

Blindus (Loox)

Artichoker (Vegetoid)

Migoopsle (Migosp)

Moldgyant (Moldsmal)

Napstablook (He didnt get the memo) (Napstablook)

Blizzardius (Snowdrake)

Blizzard Hat (Ice Cap)

Longer Dog (Lesser Dog)

MLGJake (Chilldrake)

Coalinstockingus (Gyftrot)

Doggotron (Doggo)

Dogartius (Dogamy)

Dogaressitus (Dogaressa)

Dogitarian King (Greater Dog)

Musclus (Aaron)

Soapitus (Woshua)

Moldessa (Moldbygg)

Shydos (Shyren)

Ballstic Dummy (Mad Dummy)

Overjoyed Dummy (Glad Dummy)

tEMMIE (Temmie)

Undyne the Unkillable (Undyne the Undying)

Valcuno (Vulkin)

Yuanderplane (Tsunderplane)

Roprosus (Pyrope)

Mischevious (So Sorry)

GOTU 1 (Royal Guard 01)

GOTU 2 (Royal Guard 02)

Frogadier (Final Froggit)

Whimsabunch (Whimsalot)

Blindness (Astigmatism)

Ballistajick (Madjick)

Nightmare (Knight Knight)

Mettaton NEO (Mettaton EX)

Mettaton 2.0 (Mettaton NEO)

Remembermore (Memoryhead)

Deadlodogus (Enodgeny)

Birduclus (Reaper Bird)

Lemon Loaf (Lemon Bread)

Blizardius's Mother (Snowdrake's Mother)

Moldesipe (Moldessa)

Cucumbus (Parsnik)

Migosplunker (Migospel)

Main Bosses:

Photoshop Flowey 2.0 (Photoshop Flowey)

Toriel The Overseer (Toriel)

Ultra Sans (Sans)

Disbelief Papyrus (Papyrus)

Undyne the Undying (Undyne)

Mettaton (Mettaton)

King Asgore (Asgore)

Asriel, GOD of Hyperdeath (Asriel)

Muffette (Muffet)

Foregone Kid (Monster Kid)

Extras (for Genocide):

Photoshop Flowey 2.0: You fight Flowey after killing King Asgore and try to kill Flowey.

Toriel The Overseer: For all paths.

Disbelief Papyrus: He takes sans's place at the judgement hall.

Alphys NEO: When entering Alphys' lab for the first time.

King Asgore: For all paths.

Chara: You fight her after Asriel, GOD of Hyperdeath's fight on the souless pacifist route.

Gaster: You fight him when you try to skip Sans's Fight on the genocide route.


Item Replenisher: Replenishes all of your HP and the last 8 Items you consumed/eqipped.

Hamburger: Replenishes 36 HP (Obtained from Meat Factory)

Double Hamburger: Heals 72 HP (Otained From Meat Factory

Multiplying Thorns: You get X1.1 Your attack per item in your inventory.

Flower Tea: Same effects as Sea Tea but is worth more in the tEM sHOP.

Spaghetti: Heals 52 HP

Cherry Pie: Heals all except one of your HP.

Butcher's Knife: Obtained at the meat factory. Multiplies your attack by 1.5 and adds 100 attack.

(More Will Be Added Soon)

New Characters: Workers

Meat Factory Worker 1

Meat Factory Worker 2

Meat Factory Worker 3

The Botanist

The Baker

New Characters: Enemies

Virus/ Error!Sans

Varisian (Waterfall/Hotland)

Gulatar (Ruins/Snowdin)

(More Will Be Added)

New Locations: Shops

Meat Factory (Hamburger ,Double Hamburger and Butchers Knife) (In Hotland)

Junk Shop (Item Replenisher, Old Book (+10 DF), Dusty Burger (+30 HP), and a Key) (In Waterfall)

The Greenhouse (Multiplying Thorns, Flower Tea, Green Sweet(+14 HP) Red Sweet (+14 ATK) (In Waterfall)

Bakery (Cherry Pie, Butterscotch Pie, Snowcake (+56 HP), Apple Pie (+78 HP))

Song Exchanges:

Ruins = Ingress- Ace Waters

Heartache = Nascency Part 2- Ace Waters

Snowy= Like Snowflakes- Ace Waters

Bonetrousle= Papyrus Theme- Nirreman

Waterfall= A Puzzling Quagmire- Ace Waters

Spear Of Justice= Stay The Course- Ace Waters

Another Medium= Above The Magma- Ace Waters

Spider Dance= Arachnophobia- Ace Waters

Death By Glamour= Run Of Show- Ace Waters

CORE= Pentultimate-Ace Waters

Undertale= A New Home- Ace Waters

Megalovania= Nihilist- Ace Waters

Bergentrucking &ASGORE= Wrath And Cowardice- Ace Waters

Your Best Nightmare= An Evening With The Unhallowed- Ace Waters

Hopes And Dreams/ SAVE the World= Catharsis- Ace Waters

Storyline: Coming Soon

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