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Handplates is an origin story based AU created by Zarla. It follows W. D. Gaster and the skeleton brothers he cloned from himself. Sans and Papyrus were created to be used as tools to find a way of breaking the barrier and were not intended to be sentient. Them acting and looking like children caused Gaster problems initially but over time he chose to continue with the planed experiments.

Sans is very weak and lacks the ability to bypass invincibility frames. He can use healing but only to a low level. Papyrus is less intelligent that Sans but considerably stronger and more capable. The brothers are refered to as subject 1-S and subject 2-P. 2-P beileves W. D. is saveable and remains hopeful and optimistic where as 1-S has attempted to harm Gaster in the past. Their entire existance is kept a secret from everyone. Both brothers have started to see glimpses into the future, usually the visions connect to a genocide run.

Characters present in this AU

W. D. Gaster








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