Halotale is an AU in which every main monster is an angel, and all side monsters (enemies, minibosses, etc.) are all demons. Halo Sans is the laid back, superpowerful angel, and Papyrus is the weak, optimistic, hunter for spiritual children (demon kid, angel child, etc.), other people in this AU are monsters such as Toriel and Asgore (who are the gods of the monsters), Undyne and Alphys, where one is a demon and another is an angel, and Mettaton who is the same as he is in the original Undertale, yet golden.

About the AU

The story of the AU revolves around all the monsters being either demons or angels, the angels have been sealed underground in Hell by the humans in fear they would steal their souls, and Frisk, who was raised by the corrupted humans of the surface, falls down into the underground, and chooses the path of evil or good. No gigantic changes besides the angel setting are made, with a few minor changes.


  • the Main Cast have turned into angels
  • the Side Characters have been turned into demons
  • Sans, Papyrus, and Mettaton are the only 3 with golden halos, apart from certain other monsters such as Grillby, River Person, Monster Kid, or Asriel.
  • The Underground actually has clouds in this AU.
  • Halo Sans is very wanting of becoming part of the Star Sanses (outside au canon)


Long ago, 2 races ruled over earth, angels and humans. One day, the humans sealed the angels underground with the demonic monsters of the underground. 10 years later, a child by the age of 12 climbed up to the famous MT. Edeath. Eventually falling in, the child was raised by monsters and cared for well. One day though, the child died, and 10 years after that, a new child fell in after 5 others, eventually they made their way into the mountain, starting a new adventure.


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