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-RolePlayTale -> As Undyne


As the name say, hadrian is a fox originally born in snowdin. He is kind and carefull to the others. Also as he is very nice, some peoples try to abuse of him. He is not stupid at all, he realize rapidly if he was manipulated and became angry.


Hadrian look likes an orange fox wearing a white lab coat and a black vest. He has also shoulder pads. And also have Leather boots.

Note: His appareance is depending on the AU where you can find him:

-He looks like the artwork in FandomTale.

-And a seller with an leather armor in UTAUWikiTale.

-Finally in armor in RPTale.

In Battle

He have four main attacks but, again depend of his AU:


In FandomTale:

-Summon magical boxes which drain your HP.

-Swing his tail around in the battle box.

-Uses of poison flasks and others substances.

-Can try to bite you.


In UTAUWikiTale:

-Draw things from the darkness and throw them through the battle box.


In RolePlayTale:

-Shoot many arrows toward the player (Normal).

-Scratch through the battle box.

-Swing is sword and try to hurt you with it (Genocide).

-Try to bite you.


  • Friends: Asriel, Undyne, Alphys, Muffet/Gaster, Grillby
  • Neutral: Mettaton, Dummy, Napstablook
  • Hate: Toriel, Asgore, Monster Kid


Hadrian is an orphan, he lost his parents where he was young. He learnt to hunt to survive. He likes a lot asriel, due to that, he prefer living in alternate timelines to see asriel in his normal appareance, he refuse to stay in the original Undertale timeline where asriel is dead and were brought back to live as a soulless flower, flowey.

Trivia & Quotes

-He gain an bionic eye when he transform himself into the secondary form. Maybe an invention from alphys?

-His bow and arrows turn into a black and red long sword after transformation. -His soul is gray and turn red with blacks scars after turning into secondary form.


Every Routes:
Hi little one! You are a human am I right? Nice to meet you. I have to go see alphys, will you come with me?
— Hadrian when you meet him (RPTale)
Genocide Route:
You are strong, very strong, your determination.... she is just like mine...... did you really think that it will be so easy to beat me? *transformation noise* ..... YOU WILL DIE HERE!! AND NO MATTER IF I MUST DIE WITH YOU!!!! I will be satisfied if you die!!! Let's go!
— Hadrian during his final fight (RPTale)

SOUL type


Hadrian's soul is a ionized grey soul, she represents a powerfull magic power. Indeed, Hadrian can controll fire like asgore or toriel, but also darkness as gaster.

But when Hadrian acquire enough determination (By wanting to protect someone for example), his soul become a daemon soul (Hybrid soul, Monster soul + Artificial one which can be made in vitro or by acquiring determination, the determination fuse with the monster soul, making her hybrid. )


The daemon soul is a small red heart inside a big gray one, the all linked with energy.

Secondary Form



His armor change radically, he is wearing a black under-armor suit on all of his body, parts of his armor fade to grey with red crystals shards in them. He loses his bow and arrows to have a great sword. As a daemon, horns appeared, they are linked to his head's back.

In-Battle Power:

His life bar is resetted. He also gain 500 additionnal HP. And 20 in DEF.

In battle he can know summon lava geysers and spectral hands, and also try to crush you with his spiked tail.

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