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"it a beautiful day outside
birds are singing, flowers are blooming
on days like this, owls like you

– Delirious before the battle in the Genocide Run

 H20 Delirous(Delirious for short) is a popular American YouTuber who loves making Let's Play and gaming videos. He is well known for his maniac psychotic laughter and serial killer-like personality. He first appears in the forest before Snowdin and play as the role of Sans the Skeleton in Vanosstale.


A lazy masked man who loves bad puns. He is occasionally shown laughing for no reason, and has a very strong connection with his partner CaRtOoNz. Delirious is a sentry.


Delirious is generally as lazy as he insane, though fans have speculated this may be a cover. He has a liking for bad puns.

On the Genocide Run, Delirious becomes even more insane, going to the deep end and fighting the player,

Powers and Abilities

He's said to be the weakest human due to having only one attack an one defense. He has powerful telekinesis, control over bones that can drain a person's life away depending on how much they've Execution Points they've obtained (Karmic Retribution). Delirious can summon 'Teddy Blasters', skulls that resemble his teddy bear slightly! and shoot beams of light that inflict KR. Many of these can be summoned at once. He can also mess the with game-screen and laugh every jump-cut.

Delirious is the only monster in the game who can dodge of his own accord, instead of you missing your blows. He dodges regardless of the power of your strike.


Delirious has one attack and one defense. His attacks are very weak even if have KR.

He tires out during the duration of your battle, eventually falling asleep - where you can kill him to end the fight.

Difference between Delirious and Normal Sans

  • Delirious is even more crazier then Sans, Even snapping at the end.
  • Delirious make more then bad Bone-related puns, He make bad puns base on almost everything, even clowns.
  • Delirious is not related to CaRtOoNz as he is his partner, Comparing to Sans who brother with Papyrus.
  • Much like Gaster Blasters, Delirous can some skulls shape like a Bear skull called Teddy Blasters.


  • He have 2 different styles. Being his original human self or a skeleton, Much like Sans.
  • His themes are remixed based on his 4 theme songs.
    • sans would play in the style of the song: Delirious Outta My Mind
    • It Raining Somewhere would play in style of the song: I Am Delirious
    • Megalovania would play in the style of the song: Why So Delirious
    • Song the might play when you fight Sans would play in the style of the song: Delirious Army.
  • He is the first character worked on as image was made by TheNitroFlamer


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