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Guzmatale is an Undertale AU by Kunzite-Spodumene(alternatively known as Snowy-Ink or just Guzma). In this AU, almost all characters are Guzma, a character from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Characters usually remain with their original personalities, but with some quirks. This AU is currently worked on, so some changes may be made.

About the AU

The plot of the AU has small differences from Undertale's plot. It revolves around characters, all of them are referred as "Guzma", despite the fact that each different Guzma represents a different Undertale character.


  • Almost every character is Guzma.
  • The only two characters in this AU that are not Guzma are Nanu(instead of W. D. Gaster) and Lusamine(instead of Chara; although in concept art it shows that Guzma is also Chara).
  • The Royal Guard is replaced with the Elite Gang.
  • Undyne is the "boss" of the Elite Gang, which is responsible for protecting the Underground and taking "taxes"(or at least how Undyne calls it, although it's basically stealing Gold.).
  • Mettaton is now a street performer that gets Gold for rapping, dancing, etc., although he was originally built to help Dr. Alphys with her/his bug collection and research.
  • Although all characters in Guzmatale are Guzma, they still have different relationships/relatives, depending on each Guzma(i.e. Papyrus and Sans still being brothers, but not being relatives of Toriel and Asgore, etc.)
  • W. D. Gaster serves as a father figure to Sans and Papyrus but is not biologically related to them.
  • Annoying Dog is replaced with Wimpod, while Greater Dog is replaced with Golisopod.

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