Grosstale involves characters that are gross users, characters, or just have a disgusting looking apperance. THIS IS A JOKE AU & WILL BE MOVED SOON.


Frisk is the same but with 3 pieces of bubble gum in their hair and a shirt with a mud splat on it.

Chara = Mr. Clean

Sans = Alsnapz

Papyrus = ImaginaryZ

Toriel = Sierra (from panftr)

Asgore =  Raiy (from panftr)

Alphys = Dr. Dashley/darkdeathgrace

MTT = Xith (from Dr. Dashley's Monster Madness)

Asriel = Liz (from panftr)

Mad Dummy = Anubis (from DDMMS)

Napstablook = Illumoa (from panftr)

Ruins Dummy = Fregley (from Diary of a Wimpy kid)

Undyne = That Guy from "My butt goes..."

Everyone else is unaltered, except for weird stuff on their clothing/skin/fur.

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