Grillby is replaced by AskGus in this AU.


Gus wears a blue boe tie along with green goggles to protect his eyes from water and anything else with the liquid of water. He has a grey blazer coated over a yellow t-shirt with a green belt. His flames a purple and trousers are grey. Finally, he has dark grey boots.


AskGus is patient especially when it comes to Natalie System never paying her tab as she never does it. AskGus would do anything to be able to talk but can't as he has no mouth. He enjoys the Electro Swing genre and plays it in his bar. He secretly has a crush on Corly but never shows it.


Natalie System:

Natalie System is AskGus's favorite customer and often gets annoyed because she never pays her tab. He will only let Natalie come on when the bar is closed.


Gus knows TNF very well as he always comes in to see if his sister is there. TNF occasionally talks to Grillby about Natalie.

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