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Underswap Grillby is a monster made from fire, and in battle pours you a cup of fire instead of spiders. He is Underswap's Outrageous Vender (Muffet's role in UT).


He wears swirly glasses, a yellow button-up shirt with a blue vest over it, blue pants, yellow shoes, a pink felt belt, and a large pink bowtie. He also is normally seen carrying around a green teapot, although there is no actual tea in it.

He is first found in Coldsea, and is the boss for it, and he is first found at the grill sale counter.

In battle

During the battle, after fighting for an extended period of time, Grillby receives a telegram. If the protaginist has been going on a pacifist or neutral route, Grillby ends the battle and send you on your way. If not, he keeps you in battle. The only other ways to end the battle are to defeat him or eat one of his products. If on a genocide route, Grillby can be killed instantly, but if he isn't he starts to talk about evacuating.

His HP is 1,250, his Defense is 0, and his Attack is 8. The Experience you get for killing him is 300 and the gold you receive is dependent on how much you've given him.

"If he invites you to his pub, excuse yourself."


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