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Midnight is the owner and sole worker of the Restaurant that Colten brings Natilie to. She is a fire monster that enjoys rollar skating around rather than walking. She owns Midnight's Night Club.



Midnight is a blue fire monster that wears a purple top, a purple apron around her waist, and black pants. She is near-sighted and wears glasses. She has white roller skates that have black soles and pink wheels. She can usually be found holding a notepad, most likely scrawled with orders. Where her eyes would be is a lighter shade of her blue fire. Se has no obvious mouth, though sometimes she can be seen with one.


Midnight is quiet, mostly keeps to herself, but will shout at those creepy monsters that wolf-whistle when her or another monster passes them. When she isn't working, it is said that she can be found at the Snowdin Librarby reading a novel of some sort. She can get irritated when Colten doesn't pay his tab, but shrugs it off easily.


  • If you head back to her Club after you kill Colten, she will stare at you and simply say, "... you must be proud..." Before starting to clean up her Club.
  • At the end of the True Pacifist RUn, she will comment good job to Natilie.
  • It looks like she has alcohol in the back, but she strictly refuses to serve alcohol to anyone unless they reserved a party and are over 18. The bottles really contain refills of soda.
Midnight's Night Club WIP

Midnight's Night Club

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