"Yo! You're a kid, too, right? I can tell 'cause your shirt is striped!"
– Grillby


Storywarp!Grillby is a fire monster. He wears an orange and red sweater with long sleeve, black pants and black shoes. He also wears round black framed glasses, which are enormous on him. Around his left eye is darker than the rest of him.


He is similar to Monster Kid. He wants to see his hero, Sans, in action. He is energetic, innocent, naive and clumsy, similar to Monster Kid. He will also stand up to Frisk in the Genocide Route, to protect his home. Choosing to spare him will abort the Genocide Route.

In battle

Flavor Text

  • Looks like free EXP [Check]
  • Grillby quivers anxiously [Neutral]
  • Not worth my time [Encounter]


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