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Grillby is a fire monster and the best friend of Scora. He wants to capture a human so he can join the Royal Guard.



He is very flamboyant. He's confident and views himself as charismatic. Despite his brash behavior, he's kind at heart. Even when beinf extinguished in the Genocide Route, he remains optimistic and innocent. He is also oblivious and nonobservant, but can be cunning at times. He is also seen to be childish.


His battle body consists of an orange T-shirt, black shorts and scarlet gloves, scarf and boots. His "Hot Dude" outfit has an orange T-shirt that says "Smokin'" on it, red shorts and red sneakers with scarlet knee socks. He wears his usual gloves and a backwards baseball cap that's orange and scarlet. His "Jogboy" outfit consists of a red sweatband and T-shirt, on the shirt, it reads "Jogboy", he wears his usual shorts and boots.


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