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Grillby is more sinister than his Rolereverse counterpart



He is the cold, ruthless Second-in-Command of the Royal Guard. He cares very little of other monsters, and will not hesitate to massacre any monster just to set an example. He rarely shows any emotions but anger, and lacks any remorse for his actions, despite for gruesome or merciless. He is fine with manipulation to get what he wants. The only person he shows any relation to is Scora, and not even she's safe from his wrath, since their relationship revolves around pain.

He often treats Scora as if she were his pet. Examples are putting her on a leash and sometimes even neglecting her. If she spoke out of hand, forgot to call him "Boss" or cracked a pun, he'd hit her.


He has a physical appearance similar to his Rolereverse counterrpart.

He wears a black top with spiked shoulder pads, a red cape with holes and tears in it, black pants with a red belt, red boots and red gloves.


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