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RainTheGame takes the role of Grillby in PlayerTale



Rain is very quiet. He likes gaming, watching cartoons and listening to music. The video game he likes most is Terraria. He also likes drawing but he's pretty bad at it. He has sleep apnea and sleep paralysis, making it hard for him to sleep.


Rain has a red fire-proof shirt with long sleeves, a brownish fire-proof t-shirt, fire-proof black pants,blue fire-proof gloves, fire-proof glasses to help him see and has blue fire on his head.

In Battle


  • Blue and red fire flies across the bullet board and does 5 damage on a pacifist run. When you fight him in genocide route it becomes 20 damage.
  • Rain fires 10 punches at the protagonist: 5 punches comes from upwards and the other 5 punches come from downwards. If the protagonist goes genocidal, Rain will double these punches.


  • The protagonist can spare him by just talking to him and saying that the protagonist will be his friend and that they don't want to hurt him. He never trusts you that much because he is doubtful that you will do a pacifist run.


  • What are you looking at? [Check]
  • Hi "Friend" [Genocide]
  • Is it hot in here or is it just me? [Talk]
  • Clever... [Tries to extinguish]
  • DIE... [Genocide]
  • You're stronger than I thought [When Rain's HP goes down to half]
  • Y-you-you're m-more o-of a-a mmm-monster t-than me.....[When Rain's HP Goes To 0]
  • Hi would you like to order something? [Pacifist]
  • DIE IN HELL! [When the protagonist dies]

Flavor Text

  • This fire monster looks pretty happy to see you [Check]
  • This fire monster looks like he hasn't slept for days... [Genocide Check]
  • Rain jumps out of nowhere! [Encounter]
  • Heh... [You show Rain the food he sold you earlier]
  • Rain wants to see your body burn to ashes [Genocide]
Grilby Custom Sprite


  • Likes to watch Adventure Time And Rick And Morty.
  • His fire sometimes goes way more hotter and dangerous when he gets angry.
  • Likes to play Terraria, Minecraft, League Of Legends and Undertale.
  • Likes to listen to Imagine Dragons' songs.
  • He can extinguish his fire by himself when needed but he gets pretty tired doing it.
  • If you try to kill him but not ex
    tinguish him he will not die and just revive himself again.


At a young age, Rain has lost his mom on a car accident. Over the years his father and him have been depressed. His dad was a scientist creating all kinds of things like portal guns (totally not a reference *ahem* rick and morty *ahem*) and other weird stuff. Desperate enough, his dad lost his sanity and started working on his lab 24/7. Rain out of curiousity went to find his dad in his lab, as he saw a glowing light he saw his dad just staring at it looks like to be a portal. Rain shouted "What the hell is this"?, His dad responded "Its going to get your mother back son". But something happened, the portal sucked his dad but Rain pushed his dad out of the way and got sucked by the portal. After waking up he had no memory he just saw his body, on fire. He just knows that he's a fire monster...

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