".............. Can I get you something to drink?"
– TheNitroFlamer

TheNitroFlamer (Or TNF for short) is a minor character in the AU GoldenTale. He takes the role of Grillby and runs a small bar in GoldenTale's version of Snowdin called 'The Keg.'


TNF is nearly identical to UT Grillby, but with some differences. TNF is a tall fire monster wearing a stereotypical bar-tenders outfit. Unlike Grillby, TNF is made of green fire with properties closer to plasma, rather than fire. His outfit also has a greenish hue and his glasses are replaced with a pair of sunglasses.


  • Despite what it looks like, TNF is NOT a fire monster, instead he is a human that hides behind green fire. Nobody knows why he does this, and it's not really clear how he does it, but it is presumably done with some sort of pyrokinesis.

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