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Createsans, otherwise known as Crea is the FandomTale version of Grillby. SHe runs a diner in Snowdin, where she sells coffee and doughnuts.



She doesn't talk much, no matter the Route. During the True Pacifist, she doesn't talk, since she feels it'd waste Rlop's time, and during the Neutral Route, she doesn't talk, since she s sensing the Rlop's sins. Mickrunner often hangs out at her diner, and during that time, she can be described as a chatterbox.


She has dark blue fire hair, similar to Fusiontale Muffet/Grillby's, but it is down to her waist. She also has light blue skin, orange fiery eyes and wears glasses.

She wears a light pink collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, a black over sleeveless vest, a black skirt and black boots. She wears a dark purple bowtie.


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