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In this AU, Undyne is replacing the inactive (Dummy in Undertale).


It's Grillby disguised as a dummy.

In Battle

Usually don't attack, but if you abuse of him, will shoot some flames at you.


  • Friends: Alphys, Dummy, Muffet, Undyne
  • Neutral: Asriel, Monster Kid
  • Hate: Toriel, Asgore, Mettaton


He found a part-time job as dummy to train the ruin's monsters. He currently enjoying this job, and during his free time, he works with dummy at snowdin restaurant.

Trivia & Quotes

-During her fight the dummy lose cottons, here Grillby loses lava as drops.

-You can see him sometimes with dummy at snowdin.


Every Routes:
......You are waiting for me to talk?...... pssttt I can't sorry, my role is to be a dummy, and dummy don't talk!...............
— Grillby (DarkTale) when you meet him
Genocide Route:
Everybody down there are great peoples, I will not let you kill them!
— Grillby (DarkTale) before his last fight

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