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Grieftale is an Undertale AU where only a few characters were made properly out of all of the incorrectly coded ones, the correctly coded ones being Sans, Gaster and unknown to them, Frisk and Chara. Since Gaster was not set in the void, he is able to help Sans in creating the EDITOR, which is an in-game code editor which Sans hoped to use to save the Underground's inhabitants. During the time that the EDITOR was being created, Frisk fell down. Frisk saw many monsters in tortured forms, and showed no mercy in their encounters. Chara convinced Frisk to allow her to take over, so they could get rid of the glitched monsters. Chara slaughtered almost all of the monsters in the ruins before Sans made it there to prevent the death of Toriel, even though she is not the Toriel he remembers. Sans tried to convince the human not to kill any more monsters, but Chara was in full control. Chara caught Sans off-guard and cut off his left arm in attempt to kill him. Sans eventually managed to destroy the human and destroy their soul before they could reset time. The EDITOR was in fine-tuning when Error Sans appeared, and seeing as this AU is heavily glitched, he begins to lay waste to it. Sans, with his heightened powers combined with him being correctly coded, knows how his friends are supposed to be and so he tries to defend them from destruction. But, of course, Sans is no match for Error. Failing at his last stand in Asgore's castle, he absorbs the soul of Justice in order to return to Gaster to escape using the EDITOR to give them cross-dimensional powers. They leave their universe just in time before Error finishes it off. Now, wandering universes, Sans is a bounty hunter in order to earn enough to live. He isn't able to be picky in his assignments, so he attempts to be a neutral party. The human soul though, is not one to be quiet during bad deeds.


Grieftale Sans:

Wears the cowboy hat of the human who possessed the soul of Justice, a brownish-beige trench coat, Papyrus' scarf worn around his neck, blue shirt shirt, dark blue jeans and gray and black shoes.
Grief Sans Updated (Good Format)

He is missing an arm from his fight with Chara, so he ties his left sleeve. Has a crack in his skull at his left eye. From absorbing the Soul of Justice, his aura has changed from blue to yellow. His glowing eye is a cross-hair which allows him incredible accuracy and perception.

He fights with giant giant revolvers that he can summon at will, his normal, but much more powerful bone attacks, and his finger gun. To do so, he charges his hand with magic and simply fires. This attack is plentifully more accurate and deadly, but it consumes more of his magic than his revolvers.

Author's Notes:

Please help me make this AU a reality! Willing to accept better artwork than mine and slight edits! Thanks!

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