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Gravitytale (commonly named as Underfalls). is an Undertale and Gravity Falls crossover. In most interpretations of the AU, Mabel and Dipper replace Frisk in their journey. Below is what 6DragonSlayer9 thinks which character should take who's role.


Dipper and Mabel Pines - The Protagonist/Player Character Role

Li'l Gideon - The Empty One Role

Mrs. Gleeful - The Caretaker Role

Stanley Pines - The Judge Role

Stanford Pines - The Ambitious Role

Wendy Corduroy - The Captain of the Guard Role

Robbie Valentino - The Recluse Role

Blendin' Blandin' - The Royal Scientist Role

Bud Gleeful - The Monarch Role

Lil' Gideon - The Soulless Angel Role

Pacifica Northwest - The Fallen Role

Waddles - The Accidental God Role

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