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This AU is created by the fandom and user named Tonnamking.and Right picture is young Drago sans



Just like in Undertale, the surface has two races who ruled this planet, but one day they begin the war including both races, however in the last day of the war a giant fireball appears, falling from the sky and exploding.

Avoice from the sky booms, saying "If you two and your armies don't stop this war, I will destroy everything!" The next day, the monsters retreated to the underground, ashamed of their actions, so they never returned to the human kingdoms again.

Hmmm I think I should told you more, but I'll let it be secret.DRAGO Sans, one of son of God Gaster.

This AUs story is between the Earth Dimension and the Dimension of GODs

Charcter Gods

  • Grand King Asgore. He is a Grand God. He still has son Asriel and his wife Toriel, but this time he is corrupted by Demons who tricked him into letting him join them. His power is more powerful,But his weaks spot is his wife and light.
  • Toriel, the queen of everthing. She is the most powerful creature along with Asgore, however she has powerful light spells, and she isn't corrupted like Asgore
  • Drago sans.He is the powerful God he is the God of Destruction.He has powerful dark spells When he use Gaster Blaster he has 3 stages.First stage Gaster blaster is bigger than normal 2 time and more powerful.Second stage it has more powerful than first stage and more bigger.Third Stage It is Big Bone Dragon it is giant creature and bigger than second stage 2 times.His body
    Drago sans
    has the cell of bone dragon.His body can resitance many attacks in once and he has very fast speed.He can crush bone with single and he can use his claws to attacks.He has wings to fly but in normal he is don't show his wings. right picture is drago sans
  • Dark Shadow Sans is the first son of God Gaster. He has cell of King, the Skeleton Dragon. His brothers are Drago Sans, Souless Sans, Slayer Sans, Cosmic and ......... .His bestfriend is Asriel, the Prince of Heaven.

Charcter Mortal

  • Grill. He is the monster who is deemed as "God Name Grillby". He looks like a skeleton but he has a burning body. In this time, he is in the Soul Realm and he is helper of Souless Sans.

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