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GodTale is an AU where only the main characters (including Asriel and Chara, but not a normal Sans) exists. The Sans of the AU is known as God!Sans (But most people call him by G). He acts as the God of every Sans in existence and tries to protect every Pacifist timeline ever done, even in AU's where MERCY is not very useful. He often ends up fighting with the Chara of his world (Death!Chara), who wants every AU to become a Underfell like AU. God!Sans is the protector of all characters and AU's, while Death!Chara is the destoryer of AUS. Kole21Demon, gamer and tumblr user, created this AU.

About the AU

God!Sans (More known as G or just Sans) is the END creation of the first game, and his last life (the one that is always seen) is the end result of a Genocide in the normal UNDERTALE game. He lives off both Sanses of other AU's and the Pacifist timelines of said AU's. If a AU is to be destroyed by Error!, Death!Chara, or anyone else, he begins to grow weaker. If enough AU's get destroyed, he will begin to interfere. He is great friends with Ink and with anyone who become good after a Genocide run (such as Delta!Sans and Geno!Sans). His objective is to have all AU have a Pacifist ending without having to suffer Genocide and it's sadness and it's madness.


It starts only three years after the end of UNDERTALE. G and Helpful!Frisk were taking a hike before seeing their home was on fire, with Cross!Sans standing in front of it. Once the two Sanses (G and Cross) finished fighting, they escaped the AU with H!Frisk with them. G then recreated the world with his G Powers. Now, he stands as the God of the Sanses and AU's, with the aid of Ink, Delta, and Dream Sans, protects them all.



Known as God!Sans, He is very protective of Frisk, since they are the only survivors of the destruction of their AU.

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