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God!tale is an Au where sans has become a god but all of his friends and his brother die in a war.

About the AU

God!tale take place 2 years after the event of true pacifist route where all the human and monster live peacefully.However before the true pacifist route happen frisk went genocide route and kill everyone but fail to kill sans,the god saw all the things happen during the fight between frisk and sans and 2 years later went to earth to confront him to make him a god,after a long talk with sans himself he refuse to go with them and stay on earth with his friends and his brother, but the gods didn't get angry instate tells him there will be a war with the humans again.2 months later more and more people hated the monster and wanted to kill them all however some people like the monster and didn't want to kill them because of this war broke out between the side of people accepting monster and people wanted to kill them.After 4 months of war the side of people accepting monster win but during the war all of sans friend and his brother die.Frisk also destroy the reset button so she can't reset anymore,with nothing to do sans went to confront the gods and accepted himself as one.


God!tale Sans/ Sans.

After the war sans went to see the gods to become one himself so he can protect earth from evil beings.

God!tale Chara/Chara.

Three days after frisk death,chara use the last of frisk determination to create a physical body and escape from frisk body.After escaping, chara make a promise to avenge the fallen monsters by killing all the humans.

God!tale Gaster/Gaster.

Before the undertale event gaster create a mysterious machine that send him into a limbo.One whole year later the gods found him and offer a deal with gaster that they will save him from the limbo but after being free have to become one of the gods.Gaster accepted the deal and becomes one of the gods and later become sans master/teacher.



Is given a weapon call the omnipotent staff or omni staff for short,sans can control the length of this staff from a pocket size to a mountain size,it is also ALMOST unbreakable and if it out of sans reach it can automatically fly back to him.he is also much much much more powerful,example:gaster blaster powerful enough to destroy a shopping mall in one blast,telekinesis strong enough to lift multiple house at once,can react at the speed of light,sense danger 2km away from him,break house with bear hand,take hits from gods and walk it out,can escape any time related attacks,bones powerful enough to damage gods and can fly but lose karmic retribution.And if sans got into a fight with asriel dreemurr gods said sans will have a higher chance at winning.


Because chara use determination to create a physical body she got the power to manipulate time and space itself.Some of chara time power are reverse and fast forward time,stop time itself and teleport.She also has two katana which can cut time and is sharp enough to cut building,and with her time power she has access to all the au.


Gaster is easily much more powerful than sans.He is massively faster than light,can use gaster blaster to it full potential,survival a fall from space to earth,stop a meteor a size of a city alone and can use the power of the 7 human soul to help him in combat.He is also the master/teacher of sans and the top 10 strongest gods in his au

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