Belongs to Nightslayer, DON'T EDIT PLEASE.

This AU is basically, you guessed it, GOATS. Except for Chara and Frisk, every character is a goat, but stick to their original personality. The story goes on as normal, but there are Goats. Humans are not goats, while the monsters are Goats or Goat Hybrids mixed with the monsters.


Flowey: Flowey is a flower with a Goat's head (I'm being serious)

Toriel: Toriel is a Goat, but with real goat eyes and hooves.

Sans: Sans is a Skeleton Goat.

Papyrus: Papy is a tall Skeleton Goat

Undyne: Undyne is a Goat mixed with a fish

Alphys: Alphys is a yellow dairy Goat

Mettaton: In his box form, he has Goat horns and Goat hooves for hands, in his EX form his has all Goat features mixed in with is Undertale form, the NEO form is similar.

Muffet: Muffet is a Spider Goat.

Asgore: Asgore is a Goat, but with Goat eyes, hooves, and curved ears.

The rest are a WIP


  • Nightslayer is the creator of this AU
  • Must have art and sprites
  • This is a WIP



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