Geotale is an AU where the Underground goes under the whole World.

Frisk is still Frisk

Flowey is FloridEy (Florida) Theme: Your Best Finland (Finland)

Toriel is Tokyo (Tokyo) Theme: HondurasAche (Honduras)

Sans is South CaraSansa (South Carolina) Theme: Pennsylovania (Pennsylvania)

Papyrus is PaParis (Paris) Theme: BoneTexas (Texas)

Undyne is UgandYne (Uganda)

Alphys is AlphysBama (Alabama)

Mettaton is MettaSippi (Mississippi) Theme: Death by Glacier

Mettaton EX is MettaSippi EXPLORE (Mississippi)

Mettaton NEO is MettaSippi GEO (Mississippi)

Asgore is AmeriGore (America)

Omega Flowey is Ohio FloridEY (Ohio+Florida)

Asriel is Austriel (Australia)

Chara is still Chara

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