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"The AU that was rebooted since the original was sucky in the creator's opinion!"
– Banner

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Genotale Rebooted is the reboot of my first AU (on this wiki) Genotale.

Everyone's clothes have a bit of dust on them, some have torn clothes, stuff like that.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

In the end, the humans were victorious!

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic barrier.

Many years later...

Mt. Ebbot.


Legends say those who climb the mountain never return...

a human named CHARA didn't listen.

They hated humanity.

They and their 'partner' did to many genocides.

*it shows Chara falling*




"Isn't Pacifist the way to go?"
– Frisk to Chara

Frisk is the protagonist of Genotale Rebooted.

On their first fall, in fear, they hurt The Dummy.

Chara thought they'd be good to kill monsters with, so, they possessed them.

Unfortunately, that sealed their fate.

Every run was a Genocide.

Monsters would never be freed.



It's me, CHARA."
– Chara at the end of Frisk's third Genocide

Chara is the villain for the first few archs of Genotale Rebooted.

They were the first fallen human, and, not evil.

After they saw Frisk kill The Dummy, they had an odd feeling.

The feeling...

to see dust.


They possessed Frisk.


"Not even your best friend can stop you, huh?"
– Asriel!Flowey before getting killed or spared

Asriel!Flowey is the Asriel side of Flowey, the side when he's a pacifist.

Asriel!Flowey, while not being able to feel, remembers what it's like to feel hate.

Everyone. Dead.

Their best friend killing everyone.

Or, was this their best friend?


"Then... let's let them see what humanity is REALLY like! That despite it all... This world is still "kill or be killed!!""
– Flowey before Asriel!Flowey takes control

Flowey is the Normal side of Flowey, the side when he's violent.

Flowey is fine with Chara killing, even saying this world's still kill or be killed before Asriel!Flowey takes control a minute or two before getting killed or spared.

He's always smiling for some reason, and, its creepy.


"Do not worry, little one. I am TORIEL, caretaker of THE RUINS. What do you mean my clothes are dusty? They aren't that dusty, so, how can you tell, my child?"
– Toriel's Introduction on the last Genocide

Toriel is caring as always, but, her clothes are dusty.

This is because all the dust from the previous Genocide Route stays in that area.

Toriel's horns are chipped in some places.


Napstablook's the same, except, after the Mettaton NEO fight, less depressed.

This is because he lives with Mettablook sense his robot suit was destroyed.


Sans is more serious at times, sense he knows Papyrus will die again.

Not wanting this to happen, he's more serious.

He feels that you could change though, so, he doesn't fight you until the end.

But, than, your LV's only 18 sense you didn't kill Flowey.

He has dust on his hoodie, and, his bad time eye's always on


Papyrus is his normal self, and, has a lot of dust on his battle body.

The Annoying Dog's his pet.


– Undyne

Undyne, due to her determination, remembers the previous runs more than monsters like Toriel, Papyrus, etc.

Only her casual clothes are altered.

When you hit her, her armor breaks, and, her casual clothes have dust on them.

The Undying form's the same, besides the fact that you have to flee to beat her to make her die from dehydration.

Monster Kid


I still believe you, man!

Y o u c a n c h a n g e , d u d e !"
– Monster Kid's death

Monster Kid is still the idoliser as always.

When the In My Way fight starts, Undyne's to late.

But, not before Goner Kid comes to help, and makes him an Amalgamate of Goner Kid and Monster Kid, called Monster Goner.

You have to hit it 5 times before Goner Kid's power runs out and you can kill him with one hit.



M - Mettaton couldn't stop you.

Undyne c - couldn't.

Not even P - Papyrus.



I hope I ca -


w h y ?"
– Alphys' Death

Alphys after Mettaton's 'death' tries to stop you, but, gets killed by Chara.

She only appears once before that in the lab, before she runs into the True Lab, and, you don't see her until Mettaton's 'death'.


– Mettaton's Final Show

Mettablook, is somehow happy...

how when he has, like, no audience?

But, after his NEO Battle, he escapes in his Ghost Form to Waterfall.

He's happy with Blooky, but, not really anywhere else.

Asgore Dreemurr

"Now, now. There's no need to fight. Why not settle this... Over a nice cup of tea?"
– Asgore, Pre-Battle

Asgore Dreemurr, didn't absorb the SOULs because he thinks he could just have a cup of tea with them.

It didn't work.

Asriel Dreemurr

"After all, it's me your best friend!"
– Asriel!Flowey

Asriel Dreemurr, while not seen, is mentioned once or twice.

Basically only by Flowey, though.




  • During Flowey's fight, in Your Best Nightmare, it has His Theme in some parts of it faintly
  • Chara is not evil
  • Frisk, is 5, and, Chara and Asriel are 8

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