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In this AU is were Chara didn't appear then frisk broke the barrier with her high LV and went on to destroy the overworld.



ever since frisk left he had the power to save and reload but he couldn't reset and came back as he was before but he tries to support the survivors .

Ruins (deceased)

Frisk killed everyone single one of them .


he couldn't have been killed since Frisk LV was too low at the time after she (frisk) left he possessed the destroyed dummy (not mad/glad dummy) for protection and tries to kill a fallen human so he can bring back his cousin.

Snowdin (deceased)

only grillby's evacuated and Frisk killed the rest in snowdin town


he and his friends evacuated thanks to sans but Grillby's goes on a patrol to see if he can get a human soul to revenge sans death.

Big Mouth

after grillby's burnt down he patrols for humans since Grillby was a friend and Grillby wanted Revenge so did he.

Drunk bun

hes not drunk anymore but he is sad because of sanzys death, he wont harm you but he will give you the glare of death.

Ugly Fish (deceased)

she was a little to late she was drunk so she took longer to evacuate but Frisk caught up with her. (you know what happens next)

Monster kid (deceased)

he was killed in the battle of the Undying, Frisk killed him to make Undyne vulnerable.


she was spared but Undyne was in misery Alphys found her and she put Undyne with the amalgamates.

burger pants

hes the only that likes you because a human killed his boss witch made him happy so he will do you a favor by giving Asgores soul he found still not cracked. (asgores soul will be handy to alphys)


after Neo explode her ghost form was unconscious and needs a human to wake up


she was promoted queen after she helped evacuate she wants asgores soul so she can bring create souls and bring back the dead

The soul theory

she believes if a Boss monster soul hasn't been cracked you can bring back the dead with dust so Alphys thought she can copy a boss soul then bring back everyone.

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