Yes, you read it right, I, TheSansyArtist, am making an AU. This AU is slightly different from other ones like the Steven Universe Crossovers, as in it has new characters being introduced. Sorta like if you took Undertale, Threw out the characters, and drew up new ones. The locations will look the same (Mostly) but some are altered, along with the annoying dog, because the annoying dog is now... a cat. Anyways, This page will be updated with new tags, and new information to suit the progress in the story.

Please support this just by pointing out hate once this is released, and by just positive comments giving me a reason to work on this. If I gain too much hate, I may just close my project down due to people not caring about ONE thing that someone spent a week making. Again, This will be updated frequently so DO NOT take this down.

Ally's Page: Click me!

The only other information I will give is that Ally can speak in hands. I will say no more.


Thank you for the support!

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