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Gemtale is an Undertale and Steven Universe crossover, where monsters are the gems.


The humans, fearing the monsters’ gem abilities and ability to fuse, banished the monsters into the Underground. When the human Chara died, Asriel risked the safety of his own gem to return them to the surface. However, when they returned to the Underground, their gem shattered. Alphys tried to put it back together using the human’s determination but something went wrong… Mettaton is a tested theory of putting a grown gem into a robot. Gaster’s gem was cracked and thought to have shattered but he simply remains in hiding. Because of his cracked gem, his body is liquid-like and he is able to move his gem throughout his body.






  • This AU may have recently turned into a sort of 'infection', which means this AU connects to many others, so it's best to get to know some other AUs before you fused with someone, for example, from "Gemfell", "Gemswap", and other Gem AUs.

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