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For AUs nicknamed Gastertale, see Underpatch and Echotale.
Gastertale is an Undertale AU where Frisk's existence is stolen by Gaster.

About the AU

Gastertale is an AU where when Frisk meets a strange, not-all-there monster in Waterfall, he asks them to SAVE him. Frisk says yes.

This promptly becomes a mistake of catastrophic proportions when Gaster pulls himself out of non-existence in fire and blood and rips them out of existence to take theirs.

But Frisk doesn't leave not existing unscathed, and an unhinged and vengeful Gaster, still every bit as cunning as he was when he built the Core, is set loose upon an unsuspecting Underground.


  • Gaster is a partially dissolved human skeleton in a magic “skin”- think water balloon. In terms of composition, Gaster is half magic, half physical matter.
  • Sans is a slightly enlarged human skeleton, meaning he’s almost entirely physical matter with a bit of magic coating the bones, holding him together and making him bigger than the average 8 year old. He’s mostly physical matter with very little magic, so in terms of composition, he’s the most human.
  • Papyrus is mostly magic, as magic has been made to slowly replace the physical matter, as well as adding more, making him taller than the other two when full-grown. In terms of composition, he’s the most magical monster.

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