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Gamingtale is an Undertale AU based off of a Discord group called Gaming Network. The characters are Shawn, skeletondude04, DavidAtEverything, CrayCraygirl5000, Thomas, James, ₩iℨαґ∂ Wild Pootis P.H.D, Kaiser, Jeff, SuperCake21, bouldrboy, Chloe, and Screaming_ Wxlf, also Mason.

Shawn - Sans.

David - Papyrus.

Cray - Chara.

Skeleton - Frisk

Thomas - Asriel

James - Gaster.

Pootis - Mettaton.

jeff - Napstablook.

Chloe -Toriel.

Screaming - Flowey.

Mason - Asgore.


Super - Annoying dog

Bouldr - Onion-san

Kaiser - Monster Kid

If you would like to know more, search up the characters and put Gamingtale.(eg. Sans/Gamingtale)

The places in this AU are:

The same as in Underswap:

RUINS is still the same, except grey. Sunnedout, Firerise, Coldsea, and the rest are the same in Undertale.

The changes in this AU are:

Instead of Shawn, this Sans, being completely lazy, he does his job until he met this AU's Frisk.

There is no Muffet until this article's creator finds someone to be Muffet.

The themes for this AU:

Shawn: shawn., The Song That Might Occour When You Find Shawn, and Megalopower.

David: Bwah hah hah!, and Bonetickle.

Skele/Cray: Once Upon A Game.

Thomas: Hopes and Games, His Gaming Theme.

James: James' Theme...?

Pootis: Metal Blaster, Death by Blasting.

jeff: Melancholic Fight.

Chloe: Fallen Down, Heartcrush.

Screaming: Your Best Flower.

Mason: König der Berge and MASON

The other themes for this AU are not decided yet, as this article's creator is very lazy.

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