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Gamertale is an AU where popular male 'Let's Play!' YouTubers/gamers are Undertale characters. This world is exactly like the original, except for the characters. It is, through human classifications, an all boys world, however, to the monsters there are no such thing as male or female, just a difference between monster and human. The characters look and act in human-like ways, and are all extremely handsome.


Friskaotic (Cryaotic)

Friskaotic, also known as Frisk, is the fallen human and more or less the main character.


He's a teenager who's tall and pale. He has shaggy brown hair and always wears a white '-_-' mask over his eyes. How he's able to see is still a mystery, but some speculate that there are micro holes he's able to see through. Frisk is usually wearing a knit pink and blue striped sweater, a pair of black jeans, and simple black sneakers.

Sansiplier (Markiplier)

Sansiplier, also known as Sans, is one of two skeleton-humanoid/ brothers and an overall mysterious guy who loves puns.

Pewdiepyrus (Pewdiepie)

Pewdiepyrus, also known as Pewds or Pewdie, is the brother of Sans and a very happy and energetic monster.

Jackseptiflowey (Jacksepticeye)

Jackseptiflowey, also known as Jack or Flowey, is a malevolent little flower who's true intentions and character are quite complex.

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