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GameTale is a au made by Faxs And He dreamed of making this au Cuz he loves games


once upon a time 2 races lived on earth Human gamers and monster gamer one day war broke upon the two races Humans were Victorious They sealed them up with a magic spell years later mount Game 20XX A human fell down

Games that character like

Frisk likes any game that you like

Flowey/Asriel Likes Minecraft

Toriel Likes Metorid

Sans Likes Legend Of Zelda

Papyrus Likes Pokemon

Undyne And Monster Kid likes COD

Alphys Likes Anime Dating Sims

Mettaton Likes MegaMan

Muffet Likes Classic Games/Retro Games

Asgore Likes Super Mario

Chara Like GTA And Manhunt

Gaster likes World of warcraft

Napstablook Likes Robloxs



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