GHOULTALE is an Undertale AU based off of Tokyo Ghoul. The creator of this AU is the protagonist, Akumarou (Herself). All the fallen humans will have come once a month. In Ghoultale, Chie Hori (from Tokyo ghoul Pinto) is the first fallen human. Therefore, in a Genocide route, she controls Akumarou's body when their eyes become red.



Also, all of the characters of Tokyo Ghoul respect the Undertale characters' personalities, relationships and their powers (Kagune + powers).


(All the characters are ghouls.)

Frisk is Akumarou.

Chara is Chie Hori.

Flowey has no change.

Kaneki and Chie

Kaneki and Chie. (At pacifist route.)

Toriel is Ukina Yoshimura.

Asgore is Yoshimura.

Asriel is Kaneki Ken (Who originaly will be Eto).

Sans is Touka Kirishima. (Personality change.)

Papyrus is Ayato Kirishima. (Personality change.)

Gaster is Arata Kirishima.

Undyne is Kimi.

Ghoultale Pacifist Ending

Pacifist Route Picture.

Alphys is Nishiki.

Mettaton is Shuu Tsukiyama.

Napstablook is Hideyoshi Nagachika.

Monster Kid is Juuzou.

Grillby is Itori.

Muffet is Rize Kamishiro.


Long ago, two races ruled over the earth, HUMANS and GHOULS. One day, one ghoul eats a human. War broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious.


Ghouls and Humans.

They sealed the ghouls Underground with a magic spell. Many months later, MT. Yamada 201X. Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

(The story of Ghoultale is the same with Undertale.)

Gallery (By Akumarou)


Cover OST

GENOCIDE Last goodbye

Genocide Route

Glowing eye


1. This picture represents the cover OST with ghouls bro/sis.

(Ghoultale doesn't have any OST for the moment.)

Akumarou Myself in Ghoultale

The creator of this AU.

2. Touka sees her brother for the last time.

3. Glowing eye.

4. Here, the protagonist represents the creator, herself.

5. Ghoulovania.

Ghoulovania REMAKE

Genocide battle.

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