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Fusion Xavier, or simply Fusion, is a recurring minor character in Crewtale. Fusion represents FANDOM user Fusionx963.



Fusion wears orange and black armor, replicating the color pattern of a tiger.


Fusion was raised to believe that humans were an incarnation of evil. And he was trained to eliminate them. But eventually, he discovered that not all humans are evil. Fusion is very hyperactive at times and can get bored very easily.


Fusion has enhanced strength, speed and defense. He wields a large sword and eagle shield, both have been in his family since the War of Humans and Monsters. The shield is impervious to magic attacks. Fusion can summon smaller swords to attack his opponents with.


Being feline, Fusion is very sensitive to high-pitched sounds and frequencies. The higher the sound, the more sick he feels.


  • Fusion likes to think of himself as a knight.

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